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Information services of bus stations and carriers
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Address: 21020 Ukraine, Vinnytsia, 147 Khmelnytske shosse
Phone number: +380 432 552016 (working days from 11:00 to 20:00)
Email: ticket@bus.com.ua
Payments provided by (solving problems pay for tickets):
Address: 01024 Ukraine, Kiev, Kruglouniversitetskaya Street, 14
Phone number:
Email: support@fondy.eu
Address: 04073 Ukraine, Kyiv, 9, Moskovskiy Ave., bldg 5, POB 65
Email: ec@upc.ua
Address: Head Office: 01011 Ukraine, Kyiv, Leskova Street, 9
Phone number: Information Call Centre: 0800 500500, in Kyiv +380 44 4908888
Email: Information Centre: info@aval.ua
Address: Head Office: 49094 Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk, st.Victory embankment, 50
Phone number: Information Call Centre: +380 56 716-11-31
Email: hotline@pbank.com.ua